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JCHS Hispanic Honor Society Induction Ceremony
Amanda Ball

The attached pictures are from JCHS's Hispanic Honor Society Induction Ceremony, which was held at the Jackson County High School last week. There were a total of 17 inductees.


Flag Football Program
Amanda Ball

Jackson County has over 60 kids signed up to participate in the Flag Football Program. Approximately 50 kids were at each practice this past week. This is a huge success for the 2nd year of this program. "The kids are learning and truly enjoying it," said JCHS Head Football Coach, Nick Sizemore, "This is a great step in the right direction for our football program."

New Projection Screen at ATC
Rhonda Thompson

The new motorized Draper Premier XL 226 inch Matt White Projector Screen was installed at the Auditorium yesterday.  The projector screen was installed by KEDC (Kentucky Educational Development Corporation).


JCHS Alumni Night
Rhonda Thompson

On Friday, February 9th, JCHS Cheerleaders honored past cheer alumni by wearing uniforms from over the decades.  The oldest uniform was from 1972.  Many fans in attendance also wore letterman jackets and warmups from their parents from years past.  The hairstyles, trends and fads have changed over the years but the General Pride remains the same!  

List of uniforms worn:

Kaci Parrett in a uniform from 1972-73

Dalynn Sparks in a uniform from 1975
Laikyn Robinson in a uniform from 1977
Kasey Bowman in a uniform from 1985-86
Natalie Sandlin in a uniform from 1987
Dailee Sullivan in a uniform from 1989
Brooke Isaacs in a uniform from 1990
Olivia Gibson in a uniform from 1992
Kady Fee in a uniform from 1996
Angel Robinson in a uniform from 1998-99
Jlena Diaz in a uniform from 1999-2000
Miley Witt in a uniform from 2006
Leandra Dolloff and Asia Lakes in a uniform from 2010-11



 Tyner Elementary School Resource Officer
Rhonda Thompson

We are very pleased to announce that in partnership with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, another School Resource Officer has been added for our District.  Officer Paul Hays started at Tyner Elementary School today and is assigned there.  We are very fortunate to have a School Resource Officer at each individual school.  The contract with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for the fifth (5th) School Resource Officer was approved at the December 19, 2023 regular board meeting.  In addition to Officer Hays at Tyner Elementary School, we also have Officer Berry at the Jackson County High School, Officer Weaver at the Jackson County Middle School, Officer Slone at the McKee Elementary School and Officer Kirby at Sand Gap Elementary School. 

Always a priority among priorities for Jackson County Public Schools is provide to a safe learning and working environment for our students and staff.  We greatly appreciate the partnership and cooperation with Sheriff Isaacs and our local Sheriff’s Department.